One of the front teeth is just a bit broken, will it grow back?

Answer no, your teeth do not keep growing. You can have a dentist smooth it out, or over time it will smooth from chewing.

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Do front teeth grow back?

How long should it take for my son's front teeth to grow in?

The baby teeth fall out because cells eat away at the root to prepare the way for the permanent teeth to come in. Sometimes they get the job done before the replacements are ready to come in. It ma... Read More »

Do horse teeth grow back?

Horse teeth only grow back if the tooth that came out was a baby tooth or if they for some reason had an extra set of teeth (this is the same with people).

Is there a way to grow back gums on teeth?

I don't really know exactly what you are describing, but gums don't die, they recede. I hope when you say it's your last tooth that it is your last tooth baby tooth and not the last tooth in your ... Read More »