One of my teachers called me fat today :(?

Answer Hey. Were they being serious or did they say it in a jokey way? And did everyone laugh or were they silent? Is the teacher normally a joker cos then he probably didnt mean itAnd just for the record... Read More »

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Who called me today any suggestions welcome?

i called you. i want you call me back this time...

Someone called me this today and it hurts?

Take no notice of that hun. Someone called one of my contacts a nasty name too and i was so annoyed. You are a gentle soul and i love your answers.

What song was played on ESPN today called Chances?

Is there still a group in the military today called the Buffalo Soldiers?

Buffalo Soldier cavalries are no longer present in the U.S. military. The last segregated African-American Buffalo Soldier cavalry of the U.S. Army was officially dissolved during the Korean War in... Read More »