One of my teachers called me fat today :(?

Answer Hey. Were they being serious or did they say it in a jokey way? And did everyone laugh or were they silent? Is the teacher normally a joker cos then he probably didnt mean itAnd just for the record... Read More »

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Role of Public Education Teachers in Today's Society?

Teachers play a valuable role in today's society. They play an integral part in the process of its forming as they are the front line of instruction. The government may make the standards and sugge... Read More »

Someone called me this today and it hurts?

Take no notice of that hun. Someone called one of my contacts a nasty name too and i was so annoyed. You are a gentle soul and i love your answers.

Who called me today any suggestions welcome?

i called you. i want you call me back this time...

My dad actually called my music "just noise" today!!! has this ever happened to you?

Yeah tell me about it. my dad says the same.He came into my room earlier exclaiming that what I was listening to was just a load of "cob-swaddled noise that was turning him do deaf" and then storme... Read More »