One of my ears has been hurting today. Could anything be wrong?

Answer Are you feeling dizzy or suffering from vertigo and loss of balance? Is so, It may be a middle ear infection. Does the University have a student health service? Go get them to check you out. Withou... Read More »

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My eye has been itchy and hurting me all day, could it be pink eye?

I would tell a Doctor. My brother just had pink eye last week and your symptoms are the same.His wasn't pink at all.

I've been bitten by a person, and i have not been able to do anything with my hand today, whats happened?

its just a normal response of your body to the injury caused by the bite. may it be a bite or you have jammed on the door and accidentally prick it.... the body responds by inducing inflammation. ... Read More »

My neck has been hurting really bad for three days i took tylenol alot and its not working whats wrong with me?

A lot of neck pain can be caused by strain in the muscles of the upper arms, shoulders or your pec muscles. If you've had any strain recently in any of those areas - this might be causing addition... Read More »

Could anything be wrong with my leg or is it just because I'm sore?