One of my DVD drive doesn't recognize any cd/dvd?

Answer It's quite probably a dirty laser lens. Buy a lens cleaner disc from any good music or computer store and follow the insructions. If this fails the drive may be dead. You can buy a CD/DVD burner n... Read More »

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My computer doesnt recognize my ipod?

It's more like your IPOD doesn't recognize your computer. IPODS come with a very simple how to guidebook. Read it.

My computer doesnt recognize my camcorder, even after i installed the CD that came with it!?

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How do you fix a canon pixma mp210 that doesnt recognize its ink?

It would depend on the type of lens mount. Generally speaking, it would probably not work too well. The AE uses full-aperture TTL metering, and its mechanism for manipulating the diaphragm of the l... Read More »

My windows xp sp2 home computer does not recognize my usb external hard drive but it accepts my digital camera and usb printer while the drive works great on both my friends and my work PC?

Answer pls check ur external h.d.d is usb2. so find out whether usb of both should be 2.