Once your tongue has been half remove what are the side effects?

Answer Speech would probably be a major side effect, the fact that people would have difficulty understanding you.Pain would be another.I cannot begin to imagine how much that would hurt. I could only thi... Read More »

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How long should you give the side effects to balance out once you have started taking metformin?

29 Mar 2010 Talk with your doctor - as long as the side effects are bearable try and continue for as long as possible as diabetes is life long... as a rough guide, try for a couple of months.

Have been on 140ml of suboxone for 3 years was cut down in 2 weeks to 70ml by error it should have been 2ml a week what are the side effects of this rapid detox can this be the cause of mood swings?

One day of pregnancy means you had sex about 7-10 days ago and I don't think that is what you mean. It takes about 3 days for the egg to get fertilized and an additional 7 days until the egg is att... Read More »

What causes a bump on the left side of your tongue?

Dentures are generally made from 3 parts PMMA (polymethylmethacrolate) powder to 1 part MMA (methylmethacrolate) monomer or liquid. It is mixed into a dough like state where it is then packed into ... Read More »

What are the side effects of this new "Beer and Boiled Eggs" diet I've been hearing so much about?

Spanish scientists have discovered it causes a condition called "Muchos Gassyass." You should avoid open flames.Enjoy your day!