Once you burn a CD, can you come back and burn more songs onto it?

Answer Not if its a CD-R. If its a CD-RW, you should be able to add songs, provided there's room.

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How many songs can you burn on a cd?

Standard CDs contain 700 megabytes or 80 minutes of space. If you want to burn songs in the standard CDA format, you can put 80 minutes of songs on a CD. The average song is three minutes long, mea... Read More »

How to Burn Songs on to a CD?

Well, we all want to know how to burn songs to a CD. Well you've found it!

How do I burn 300+ songs on one CD?

Save the songs as MP3 files (or some other compressed format), then compress their data further by zipping them. Use a free zip program, such as WinZip or 7-Zip (these programs take you through the... Read More »

Can you burn more songs on a CD for an MP3 or a WAV?

You can burn more songs on a CD using the MP3 audio format than using the WAV audio format. Unlike the WAV format, the MP3 format uses compression to reduce the file size of digitized songs. If the... Read More »