Once the uretra is cleanedwith urine can any sperm get there before ejaculation?

Answer this is an old wives tale. it's a myth. If you are having unprotected sex you are running the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. So, wrap it up.

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How fast does sperm travel during ejaculation?

When a man ejaculates, the sperm leave the body traveling at almost 30 mph. However, once sperm enter a woman's body, it can take up to 72 hours for the sperm to reach an egg.Source:Men's Health: C... Read More »

How long do sperm cells live once out of the body?

Once sperm are outside the body, most die within a few minutes. Some may survive for up to an hour. Inside the body, most sperm can live for a few days, and some may live for up to five days.Source... Read More »

Is it possible to become pregnant from genital rubbing if no ejaculation takes place and the male has urinated multiple times since his last ejaculation?

Bo you cannot become pregnant because there has been no ejaculation there fore no sperm has entered the effected area

What are the chances of getting pregnant if a spermicidal condom slips off inside the woman before ejaculation?