Once custody is given to a grandparent can a mother still win it back?

Answer Answer well it realli depends most likely no unless the mother has shown in credible things of being able to show that she can retake full responsibility of her child.. unless the grandparents fig... Read More »

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You were deported and child custody was given to father can you still get custody?

You would need approval to return to the country to file a challenge.

Can an unwed mother get sole custody or physical custody and still receive child support?

Answer Yes she can. I'm Canadian so hope some other poster will come up with more information for you.Good luck!Yes.In the US the law presumes that an unmarried mother retains sole custody to the... Read More »

If Father has custody of 17 yr old son can son switch custody back to mother?

Answer If the son wants to I believe he can. In my state (Georgia) the child can choose who he/she wants to live with at the age of 14.

What are the chances the father of a child get custody if he abandoned the mother during pregnancy and even once denied the child and the mother is married to someone else who wants the child?

Firstly, the someone else is totally not relevant. Forget him. Abandoning the mother is between the father and mother and doesn't affect access. Access is still possible. Denying the child previo... Read More »