Once computer loads then it turns off and then on again several times?

Answer Does your computer cut out on you? As in, it loses power without warning. Or does it load, then windows decides to shut itself down? If it cuts out on you. I would suspect there is something wrong ... Read More »

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Why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?

most of the time it's because of your hormones i get that way to and you don't have to be on your period to have them either.

How do I fix my ipod touch that won't turn on if it just lights up but is still black and then turns off again?

If you have tried everything and it still doesn't work then reset the iPod. Reset iPod touch: Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten secon... Read More »

My mouse is suddenly super sensitive. then its not, then it is again.?

Control panel > Printers and other hardware > mouseNow in the tabs click 'Pointer options' then change the speed regarding how sensitive you want it..Now thats if your using windows, if your using ... Read More »

If you had symptoms of pregnancy but then your period came and lasted five day then one week later you began to bleed again could you still be pregnant?

Answer Take a home test or go get a blood test done by a doctor.