Once computer loads then it turns off and then on again several times?

Answer Does your computer cut out on you? As in, it loses power without warning. Or does it load, then windows decides to shut itself down? If it cuts out on you. I would suspect there is something wrong ... Read More »

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My computer is getting loads of pop ups?

Please don't listen to anyone else! But my old computer was exactly the same, i went to… and did a full safety scan, checks and fixes your computer for ev... Read More »

I have loads and loads of junk in my spare bedroom. Do you want any of it It is just going into the bin.?

My computer turns off after using it for sometime?

Check your fans - one in your power supply, one on your processor and possibly one in front or rear of the case.

What does it mean when the fan in my computer turns on?

The central processing unit (CPU) in your computer generates heat while it does all the mathematical work necessary to keep your computer running. A small fan prevents the CPU from overheating. Th... Read More »