Once an email is deleted can it be traced by police from somewhere?

Answer Yes, anything that is "deleted" from your computer can be found again by a computer forensic person---they have specials all the time on court TV where they confiscate the felons computer and dig u... Read More »

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Where does email go once it's deleted from your trash?

they go to the recycler folder of your hard drive

Once I've deleted pictures from my camera, is there ANY way to get them back?

There are programs that recover all kinds of data. Once memory card is formatted/ cleared, you can still retrieve pictures in some cases. Connect your camera/memory card to the computer and run a r... Read More »

how to retrieve deleted email from hotmail?

Once email is deleted from a webmail service it usually goes to a trash bin. If it is no longer in your trash bin then the email is lost forever. Microsoft does have a way to get the email back if ... Read More »

How do I restore a deleted email from Outlook Express?

Deleted but Not MovedOpen the Microsoft Outlook 2010 program version. Select messages that have been marked for deletion but haven't been moved to a folder yet. Select multiple messages by holding ... Read More »