Onc e video is on ipod can you delete them form the hard drive?

Answer I think so. But don't sync your videos because you might erase your videos.

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Cant delete video off of new ipod nano with video camera?

To delete a video from the nano, just select it in the date screen and press and hold the Center button. A drop-down menu appears offering Delete All, Delete, and Cancel options.

How do I delete a hard drive?

Overwrite the Hard DiskErase the hard drive by overwriting the system with all zeros. This will cause the system to delete a majority of what is on the hard drive; however, this sometimes is not e... Read More »

Can I delete files from my hard drive?

You can delete files from your hard drive, but you should be cautious because your operating system needs certain ones. Use a clean sweep utility to get rid of junk files and "Add/Remove Programs" ... Read More »

How do i delete from an external hard drive?

Erasing DataOpen up the hard drive's icon from the desktop (the drive must be connected to the computer; if you don't see the drive's icon, disconnect the drive's USB cable and reconnect it). Right... Read More »