Onc e video is on ipod can you delete them form the hard drive?

Answer I think so. But don't sync your videos because you might erase your videos.

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I deleted programs from the Disk Cleaner, now how can I delete them off my hard drive for good?

If you are using windows go to the control panel and find your programs in add and remove programs. Click on them and run uninstall. This will remove any applications but will leave remnants in ot... Read More »

Cant delete video off of new ipod nano with video camera?

To delete a video from the nano, just select it in the date screen and press and hold the Center button. A drop-down menu appears offering Delete All, Delete, and Cancel options.

How do I delete a hard drive?

Overwrite the Hard DiskErase the hard drive by overwriting the system with all zeros. This will cause the system to delete a majority of what is on the hard drive; however, this sometimes is not e... Read More »

How to Delete Hard Drive Partitions on Macs?

Repartition your hard drive for your Mac to return your drive to the original configuration. The act of partitioning divides your hard drive into separate volumes or formats so you can perform diff... Read More »