On youtube my computer will only play a few seconds , then freeze until more has loaded, is computer too slow?

Answer it's not your pc that's slo - it's your internet connection

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Why Does a Computer Freeze Up & Run Slow?

There are many reasons why a computer may freeze and run slowly. This behavior doesn't necessarily mean that the computer is faulty or that you have a computer virus.

Why do videos&audio run slow or freeze on my computer?

Several reasons exist why video or audio may freeze while you are watching videos or listening to music on your computer. For the most part, quick-fix solutions solve the problem. More complicated ... Read More »

Why does YouTube run slow on a computer?

YouTube is one of the more resource-intensive ways to use the Internet. Loading and playing a video requires the transfer and processing of a great deal of data between your computer, Web browser a... Read More »

What do Youtube videos freeze every 15 seconds?

How many other programs were you running along?Was your computer going through an Anti-Virus scan?How many pages were up with the YouTube site?Was you Laptop (if using one) low on battery?These are... Read More »