On youtube, if your copyrighted videos are private, then...?

Answer After upload the video , you can found a option publick/private. Then u select private.

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If youtube has banned copyrighted videos how come people are still reporting that they can view music videos?

Certain videos HAVE been banned - but not all - & if they HAVE been banned, you can search through & look for one that HASN'T been banned - cos they are out there.

Why do my youtube videos get copyrighted?

Not sure, maybe the GFX at the start of your video was made by somebody and you didn't credit it to them. I don't know what you are trying to get answered; your question doesn't seem right. Things ... Read More »

Is YouTube the only website that removes "copyrighted" videos?

All video sharing websites have to have provisions for removing videos that violate copyright laws or they themselves will be liable for the infringement.

How can I use copyrighted music in YouTube videos legally?

Heh, I've seen the actual music artists' YouTube pages get banned for infringement.Here's what I use, you put it into the dispute form and after about a month it should show as successful:"Copyrigh... Read More »