On your iPod touch how do you activate the zipline in call of duty zombies?

Answer In Shi No Numa, go to the Doctor's Quarters, but don't go into the hut yet. Near the entrance should be some kind of a ramp with a switch. Approaching it will prompt you to activate the Zip Line.

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Why can't i get call of duty zombies on my iPod touch?

You probably ran out of memory space in your iPod. Delete a lot of apps to clear up space.

Are they going to make a call of duty zombies black ops for ipod touch?

There have been several tuners but the truth is that they are just gonna add the maps fro black ops Nazi zombies to the zombies game on iPod sometime during the winter of 2015

Can ipad play call of duty zombies with ipod touch?

How do you put call of duty black ops In iPod touch?

well, if you want to put black ops zombies in your ipod touch you go to itunes and type in zombies black ops and download the app.