On your days off do you ever feel like just being lazy?

Answer Definitely. Lately I haven't had a lazy-sit-around-in-my-undies-and-watch-m… day off. Need to have one of those soon. :)

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Some days do you just feel like doing it yourself?

Redcorn say many day like this... me needs to learn not do that though, this selfish... Because by me do myself, me taking away learning opportunity for other tribal members.. This lessen their ... Read More »

3 days straight of being drunk/Stoned Little sleep.. Feel like hell! Help!?

Yup, perfectly normal considering the circumstances. You've abused yourself, and now you feel the abuse.Stay in bed, drink a lot of water, eat something if you can. You probably won't feel good aga... Read More »

Do you sometimes SLEEP in the afternoons and feel quilty for being lazy?

I used to sleep in the afternoon and feel guilty until I read an article by a doctor that said, a Power Hour, in the afternoon is very good for you. So have your sleep enjoy it and you will feel mu... Read More »

Are there any student loans that you just have to pay back I feel like I am being punished because my parents?

Don't worry, my daughter is in the same situation. We too fell like she is being punished since we are considered to be "rich" in the eyes of the government even though we are still paying back my ... Read More »