On which tires do snow chains go?

Answer According to Marianne Hallet, Natural Resources Conservation Service water supply specialist for the USDA, tire chains should be installed on the rear tires for a rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle, th... Read More »

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How to Install Snow Chains on Tires?

Have you ever needed to put snow chains on your tires? This article goes through all the steps necessary to install snow chains on your tires for driving in winter weather.

Are snow chains put on the front or rear tires?

Snow chains should be installed on the wheels providing the propulsion. Install tire chains on the front tires if you have a front-wheel drive automobile. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, install the... Read More »

Do I put snow chains on front wheels or rear tires?

Snow chains are put on front or rear wheels depending on the car. If the car has front-wheel-drive, the chains should be on the front wheels, and if the car has rear-wheel-drive, the chains should ... Read More »

How to Install Snow Chains?

You may need snow chains (also called tire chains) for extra traction in mountainous areas, or even in lowland areas that get a lot of snow. Make it a point to practice installing snow chains befor... Read More »