On which side should a name badge be worn?

Answer On One Hand: The Right Side Makes SenseMost guidebooks that mention this issue claim the right side, just over the breastbone, as the proper place for a name badge. This lines it up with your hands... Read More »

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Should a film badge be worn inside or outside a lead apron?

Clip your film badge to the outside of the top of your lead apron or to your shirt collar outside your apron. This ensures that you measure the radiation exposure to your eyes, head, neck and thyro... Read More »

On which side should a lapel pin be worn?

A lapel pin should generally be worn on the left lapel, near the heart. However, it is not considered disrespectful to wear one on the right lapel. A lapel pin can also be worn on a tie if no jacke... Read More »

Can you wear and Expert Infantry Badge and a Combat Action Badge on dress Blues?

No. You can only wear one Category 1 badge on any uniform, which both the EIB and CAB are. You could wear it with an EFMB or CMB (which are Category 2), but not with an EIB or CIB.

Can you wear both the combat action badge and the combat infrantry badge on the acu uniform?