On which finger does a widower wear his wedding ring?

Answer There is no definitive etiquette for widowers and wedding rings. Generally, a widower will continue to wear his wedding ring on his left ring finger until he is ready to move on. At that point, the... Read More »

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How Long Should a Widower Wear a Wedding Ring?

Mississippi drivers who operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol can face stiff penalties. The state of Mississippi has strict driving under the influence (DUI) laws and those who cho... Read More »

Which finger is used for a wedding ring?

The modern wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (next to the pinky). Some people do not consider the thumb to be a finger and call that same ring finger the “third finger" o... Read More »

What Finger Does the Wedding Ring Go On?

American marriage customs call for people to wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hand where the “vein of love” resides, according to My Online Wedding Help. Other cultures, ho... Read More »

Which is the proper finger for a nun's wedding ring?

Nuns who wear a wedding ring will wear it on the same finger that the culture the nun resides in dictates. A nun in North America will wear the ring on her left ring finger, while a nun in Europe w... Read More »