On which Friends episode did the guys play a game show game that had very bizarre rules?

Answer pucca is the answer

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On friends which episode is it when joey goes on a pyramid game show?

"The one where the stripper cries" Season 10 - episode 11

When was Marilou Henner on Match Game the TV game show the year and episode number?

I dont know if i can tell you i was in the same group as him and was forell. Yenja was a good friend to me yet he had a disability and had to leave but dont worry he stayed at a hotel and left on a... Read More »

How to Make a Game Show to Play at Home Using Game Show Presenter?

Can't find any auditions for game shows? Then why not make a game show to play a home like jeopardy or any other creation?

What are the rules of a game show?

Trips to places all over the world!!!!