On what type of cactus does the cochineal insect feed?

Answer It's on the cactuses of the Opuntia spp that the cochineal insect [Dactylopius coccus] feeds. It particularly favors Opuntia fica-indica, whose common name is barbary or Indian fig cactus. The inse... Read More »

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What Type of Fish Feed on Insect Larvae?

The oceans, seas, lakes and rivers are rich and bountiful habitats for wildlife with all manner of fish, insects, birds and mammals dependent on the plentiful biodiversity they provide. Many fish f... Read More »

How often should you feed a cactus?

Cactus only need to be fed once a year in the spring.Answer.Treat any cactus or succulent like any othe house plant in the summer and water and feed it normally. In the winter hold off the feed and... Read More »

What type of cactus is this?

A barrel cactus.…

Do bug zappers attract more than one type of insect?

Bug zappers are responsible for killing more nonpest insects than mosquitoes. According to the South Lake Mosquito Abatement District, mosquitoes only accounted for an average of 5 percent of the i... Read More »