On what planet did the NASA space probe Pathfinder land in July 1997?

Answer MARS

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What did the NASA space probe Pathfinder find?

Invisible braces, scratch-resistance glasses, memory foam, ear thermometer, shoe insoles, improved long distance communication, adjustable smoke detector, cordless tools and water filters are some.

Is nasa planning on sending a space probe to replace the one that colided with the Russian space probe?

nasa is all about aeronautics and spacevery mysterious indeed.

What were the names of the space probes nasa launched in 2003 which planet was their destination what was their job when they got to the planet?

Enterprise, Columbia,challenger,Discovery,Atlantis,Endeavour. In this order, all shuttles.

What was the name of the 1976 NASA space probe?

there is spirit, opportunity, vicing 1,viking 2, beagle oh yeah! and the new one curiosity.