On what date was the Greek god Apollo born?

Answer Delian tradition says Apollo was born on the seventh day of the month known as Thargelion, while Delphian tradition reports his birth on the seventh day of the month called Bysios. This translates ... Read More »

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How was Apollo the Greek god created?

Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, and is also associated with high art, music, poetry and medicine. As with all the Greek gods, he has his own creation myth, detailing how he came into existence ... Read More »

What is the greek god apollo famous for?

Apollo and his sister Athena were conceived when Zeus took the shape of a swan to lure the beautiful mortal Leda close. Apollo was a sun god and the patron god of many other things: music, prophecy... Read More »

What was important about the Greek god Apollo?

Apollo, the Greek god most commonly associated with the Sun, was a god of many different roles. His great power and diversity made him a prominent figure in Greek mythology.GenealogyApollo was the ... Read More »

Greek God Apollo's Duties?

Immortality is rife with responsibility. A day in the life of Apollo is no exception. Famed for his exceptional beauty and the Platonic ideals he embodied, Apollo was worshiped as the god of the su... Read More »