On what basis were the characters on the computer keyboard placed?

Answer cos it'll seem very hard to type and stupid cos a does not always go with b and b hardly goes with c. its placed so that commonly used words have the letters next to them i guess.

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How to Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters?

Is your keyboard a bit messed up? Sometimes keyboards get their letters "rearranged," making some typing virtually impossible. However, in most cases, there is a way to fix it.

What are these little characters on my keyboard called...?

1 is an exclamation point2 is an At sign (I'm not sure if it has a formal name.)3 is the pound sign (My fiance just informed me that in India they call it "hash.")4 is the dollar sign5 is the perce... Read More »

How do you make pictures using characters on your keyboard?

This is called "ASCII art" after the original character set used to create text-drawn graphics. Wikipedia has a page on it: the 'external links' at the bott... Read More »

Keyboard Characters That Express Emotion?

Keyboard characters meaningfully arranged to suggest emotion are known as emoticons. The human face serves as the inspiration for these groupings of characters. Computer users employ emoticons to l... Read More »