On the Lexmark 1200 series what port can be used to print?

Answer Try the USB port you may have to buy a cord , I did. Its really not that hard to hook up Just take your time it will let you know if its in the wrong port

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I'm having trouble finding out what kind of usb cable I need to install my lexmark 1200 series all in one?

Here's some info about cables am pretty sure you need an A/B cable.'A' connector at one end and 'B' at the other.///

I have a lexmark 2500 series printer & when i want to print it says that theres no connection but everything?

Yes. Uninstall the printer software and try reinstalling it. Make sure your printer cable has a good connection.

How do I Operate a Lexmark 1200 Scanner?

Having paper documents at home or in the workplace increases the possibility they will be lost in some somewhere. Using lots of paper is also not environmentally friendly, especially if you plan to... Read More »

I have just got a lexmark 1200 and there is no cable from tower to printer any body help?

Back in the day, when printers were connected via the parallel port (and not USB), you always had to buy a cable separately. Lexmark apparently continues that fine tradition today.Check the instruc... Read More »