On sims life stories can a single parent adopt a child?

Answer Yes :)

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What's better A single parent to collect welfare, or a single parent to work and their child is in daycare?

Fair point, but being the proud, evil conservative libertarian that I am, I say daycare and work. If no one HAD to work, not many people would choose to work.Really, K, I'm howling at the idea tha... Read More »

How to Use BodyShop for Life Stories (Sims 2)?

Sims life stories is great, right? Isn't there something missing, though? Body shop! I figured out how to use it for Sims Life stories, so read this if you want your own custom content in your game.

Can teens get married on"The Sims: Life Stories"?

No teenager is able to get married in any Sims game, unless the player's game is hacked and rigged into allowing it. In addition, the characters in "The Sims Life Stories" work primarily at the lif... Read More »

How to Install the Code for Sims: Life Stories?

The Sims: Life Stories expands upon the popular video game series The Sims. In this computer game, the player tries to keep his characters happy and energetic, a difficult task. There are cheat cod... Read More »