On my keyboard the letters f and jj each have a raised line does anyone know why?

Answer I think its for blind people to help them centre their hands on the keyboard

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Does anyone know how to convert a Excel spreadsheet form all cap letters to proper letters?

If this was MS-Access, then a simple Query could handle this in a matter of seconds.But you will need to have a VBA coded Macro established to search through your worksheet and modify the cells to ... Read More »

Does anyone know how much GAC raised last night for Flood Victims of Middle Tennessee 5/17/10?

WWYZ 92.5Excellent Job by everyone involved. More than 2 million donatedChamps-cCountry-aCV-dance hall girlGames-redSleuth-soundLegendary-cPart Deux-aHistory-bAol-golConsmer-hoodHSW-titanHSW2-pladi... Read More »

Does anyone know where 2 get letters of appeal for financial aid.?

You need to write your own letter because your reasons to do the appeal are specific to you. Explain why you had problems the previous year, how you plan on not repeating the problems, and what yo... Read More »

Does anyone know any keyboard shortcuts? is an entire list of shortcuts.