On my iPhone 3GS some of my albums are multiplied how do you undo this?

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Why do some apps on the iPhone 3g say 'not compatible with this iPhone'?

It could simply be because your software is to old make sure you update to the latest using iTunes. The latest one today on 5-12-10 is 4.2.1. It could be a fault with your phone. It could be the ... Read More »

Your iPhone 4 is only displaying up to 50 artists and no songs or albums past the letter P There are no settings that you have found that can fix this Any suggestions?

you go to tap resort and on the top click get more next to the shells

How do you undo on the IPhone 4?

Use the back button which is an arrow with an x in it, or some program's will come up with the option like undo typing. You can't actually undo a lot of actions like on a computer for instance, so ... Read More »

How to undo something you retweeted on the iPhone?