On my camera, i have audio, but when i put it on my computer, its gone?

Answer is the volume working/on (like not low on volume or on mute) on ur computer?

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How do you program a frequency directly into the memory of a Yaesu FT-60 and still hear the audio when you have tried but there is no audio?

Program Yaesu Ft-60 You may have the right frequency, but there a couple or three encoding schemes for encoding the squelch control on the radio's receive section. You won't be able to hear any au... Read More »

When i have filmed a video on my digital camera the put it on my computer, how can i get sound on it (the vid?

Video File w/o AUDIOmake sure format is mpeg2 not mpeg4,it will lose audio in wmm. You will see video,but not hear audio when you play on wmp.Otherwise, In your control pannel have you muted your ... Read More »

Why doesnt my video have sound when i transfer it from my camera to my computer?

How are you connecting to your computer? You need to make sure you have audio connections to your computer as well as video.

How do you turn off a computer when the start bar is gone?