On my camera, i have audio, but when i put it on my computer, its gone?

Answer is the volume working/on (like not low on volume or on mute) on ur computer?

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Itunes. If I download an audio book to my home computer, but I sync my iphone on my work computer...?

you should be able to e-mail yourself the file...or burn it on a cd and transfer it.if you bought it from itunes, yes you can authorize a file to play on up to 5 computers.long time no see : )hope ... Read More »

What is a good camera audio wise?

A camcorder would solve all these problems. It is called the right tool to do the job.

What's a camera or camcorder that has great audio?

We can't hear what you hear. You can't hear what we hear. When you speak, your voice sound wave travel in the air - everyone hears that. but you also hear the sound of your voice through your bones... Read More »

How to Sync Video From One Camera to Audio of Another in Final Cut?

Shooting video with two cameras can help you turn an amateur video into one of professional quality. If you've done two-camera shoots, you know the difficulty of setting up and syncing audio on two... Read More »