On laptops, what does 80gb hardrive and 2gb memory mean Can you explain?

Answer 80 gb is the amount of space that you have for storing things on you pc and unless you have a lot of stuff you need on your pc you will never use it all2gb of ram is basically the amount of things ... Read More »

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Would it be better to get more hardrive or memory?

it depends on if you're gonna have lots of files like music, video, documents etc. if you want that then get an external hard drive. but if you're planning on running multiple programs at the same ... Read More »

Why full 80GB space is not shown in the computerthere is a loss of abt some memory. where does it goes?

The space that you dont see on the hard drive is utilized for high memory usage applications, like graphics, etc. This is called virtual memory. Because its reserved separately for virtual memory i... Read More »

My computer is slow, but not because of viruses, just needs more memory, can an external hardrive do the trick?

Look up your system model on the support section of the manufacturer's page. There will be a lot of technical jargon in the RAM section that you will probably not understand. Copy it down and tak... Read More »

I forgot my laptops GB, memory and hardware, is there anyway I could tell what it is?

Try going to Start, Run then type winmsd. Will tell you all your hardware config