On google earth how do I open the photos of locations?

Answer All you have to do is find the picture icon and double click on it.

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How to Upload Photos to Google Earth?

Google Earth now has a layer of photos that are taken by users and tagged for specific locations. So when you browse Google Earth, you can look at photos of a place that were taken by other people ... Read More »

Where do the Street View photos on Google Earth come from?

The Street View photographs displayed on Google Earth are collected by a fleet of cars equipped with nine-directional cameras, GPS systems and scanning lasers. For areas not accessible by car, such... Read More »

How does NASA sends photos from outer space to Earth and how long do photos from Jupiter take to reach Earth?

The simple answer is, over a radio transmission containing the picture information and between 35 and 52 minutes depending on how far away we are from Jupiter at the time.NASA has employed many dif... Read More »

Is there a site simular to google earth that has updated aerial photos of my house.?

This is fun and requires no download..You get to fly a plane over the Earth!..This is not the hidden flight simulator thats hidden in the new G.E.4 but something else to see of your area is covered... Read More »