On gmail, if you delete your sent messages, will the emails you sent be erased?

Answer No because when you send a message its kind of like a copy. You have a version of it and they have one too.

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Is there any way to mass delete emails on gmail?

Above the mail section... theres a checkbox with a drop arrow. Its next to refresh... Click the checkbox and it will select all mail items in the current view.

Is there a way I can delete all of my emails at once, apart from ones marked Important, on Gmail?

sorry Rosie u cant ..u have to do it manually.yes u can make a folder for important mails.But here is the trik u can type a word in search mails for example for junk mails and then del... Read More »

Can Verizon text messages be retrieved once erased?

Verizon text messages can be retrieved from the company's records, typically between 5 to 10 days after they were sent if a court-ordered subpoena is obtained. Verizon does not freely give out reco... Read More »

If you report messages as spam on Facebook, does it delete the messages from the other persons account?

nope. single report won't do. it needs couple of reports from different facebook users to a certain degree. Then it will go through a technical group or an automated system and then decide what to ... Read More »