On facebook, is there a way to find the profile of someone who has blocked you?

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How to Find Out Who Has Blocked You on Facebook?

Checking your Facebook account, you realize that someone has disappeared from your list of friends! Perhaps you had a falling out, or a misunderstanding, and now you're wondering whether you were n... Read More »

How to Find Out if Somebody Has Blocked You on Facebook?

Facebook provides nearly unlimited options for you to stay in contact with your friends. When you want to cut someone out of your Facebook life completely, use the block feature to prohibit that pe... Read More »

How can you find out who is stalking your Facebook profile?

I see you cant find out. But I did figure out I added a friend of hers and thats how she found me.

Can you find out who looks at your facebook profile with this new facebook app?

Facebook doesn't allow people to track who views their profiles. Facebook applications, on the other hand, are unable to track anybody unless they have the consent of the viewer.Follow the source t... Read More »