On facebook. Why do people keep posting statuses about...?

Answer According to my friend, it's this game for girls on Facebook to raise breast cancer awareness.

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Does it bother you when people post everything they do on their facebook statuses?

i hate it when they get on there and brag about how good their mate is and their life. Or the religious freaks constantly coming with bible verses. No one is happy 24/7 but they portray themselves ... Read More »

Why are people posting this on Facebook?

lol its another stupid status game:pass this on to girls only and let's see how far it reaches round the last bra one went round all over london. So you'll write - Im ...weeks and I'm craving ........ Read More »

Facebook, why are people posting this?

It's not a scam. It is to raise awareness of breast cancer. Girls are posting the colour of their bra and the thought basis behind this is while you are checking in your shirt to see what colour ... Read More »

Why are people posting numbers on there facebook status?

1) they are desperate and want a date.2) they love telemarketers.3) they want you to ask questions.