On average, how many inches of snow is 1 inch of rainfall equivalent to?

Answer The ratio of water to snow can vary drastically depending on temperature and wind speed. For example, 10 inches of snow could equate to as much as 4 inches of rain or as little as .10 inches of rai... Read More »

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On average, one inch of rainfall is equivalent to how many inches of snow?

There is no exact equivalent, because weather conditions have a huge effect on the actual density of the snow. The generally accepted number is that 1 inch of rain equals 10 to 13 inches of snow, b... Read More »

How many 9 inch square floor tiles are needed to cover a rectangular floor that measures 144 inches by 180 inches?

2880 exactly, but if this is ceramic tiles you have to account for grout lines. extras would be recommended

How many inches is 15 centimeters of snow?

Fifteen centimeters of snow is approximately 6 inches. Snow has fallen in every state in the United States. Valdez, Alaska, receives an average of 326 inches of snow per year.References:National Sn... Read More »

How many square inches in a 9 inch round cake pan?

To calculate how many square inches there are in a 9-inch cake pan, you need to determine the area of the circle. To do this, use the formula A=(pi)(r squared). The radius (r) is half the 9-inch di... Read More »