On a military form ngb-22 what does a spd separation code of gfl mean?

Answer You can find the SPD codes at the related link below. Click on SPN CODES in the "Pages" column, near the bottom. When next page opens click on alphabetical codes. That is the ARMY manual on the cod... Read More »

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What is the origin of the military DD-214 for separation from the military?

Each army has its own separation form. Usually before the turn of the century they were hand written. During WWII, the WD Form 33 35 was for an honorable discharge. The WD was War Department, since... Read More »

What Is a Work Separation Form?

Employees leave your organization for a variety of reasons -- layoffs, firings, health reasons, relocation. A work separation form can help you keep track of when and why employees are leaving you... Read More »

How do I obtain military separation papers?

National ArchivesRequest the military separation documents via the National Archives online military personnel records request system. Veterans and their next of kin can obtain copies. The personne... Read More »

Can you reenlist with an administrative separation from the military?

General (Under Honorable Conditions). If a member's service has been honest and faithful, it is appropriate to characterize that service under honorable conditions. Characterization of service as G... Read More »