On a laptop/ computer keyboard why do the f and j keys have bumps?

Answer The middle row of the keyboard has what are called the "home keys". When you type, your fingers should be on the home keys and move up or down & sideways, depending on which key you want to strike... Read More »

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How many keys did the original computer keyboard have?

In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes patented the "Type-Writer" the predecessor of the computer keyboard. This 35-key board consisted of two rows of letters and numbers, lacked a shift key and typed... Read More »

How many keys does a standard computer keyboard have?

A standard computer keyboard, known as a "QWERTY" keyboard, has 104 keys. Approximately half of the keys on a standard computer keyboard produce characters such as letters, numbers and symbols, whi... Read More »

I have a Dell desktop computer. Can I pop the keys off my keyboard & clean them ?

Yes you can, i do that all the time on my keyboard, but just remember which key goes back where unless u have a second keyboard for reference.

How to Replace the Keyboard Keys on an HP Laptop?

Many laptop users must deal with keys falling off their computer's keyboard. This can be a nuisance, but it's easy to repair. While the methods differ slightly depending on the size of the specific... Read More »