On a laptop/ computer keyboard why do the f and j keys have bumps?

Answer The middle row of the keyboard has what are called the "home keys". When you type, your fingers should be on the home keys and move up or down & sideways, depending on which key you want to strike... Read More »

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How do I fix keys that came off the keyboard on my laptop?

check to see if the double white plastic is not cracked or anything. if not, you will connect the rubber first, then the white plastic and put the keys on top and easily push down on it. it should ... Read More »

How do i remove keys from a laptop keyboard?

PreparationMake a map of your keyboard keys so that the keys can be put back on in the correct order. Draw the keyboard on a sheet of paper and place it aside.RemovalStick a small flat-headed screw... Read More »

How to Clean Under Laptop Keyboard Keys?

If your keys ever get stuck when you're typing, your keyboard may be in need of a simple cleaning.

How to Replace the Keyboard Keys on an HP Laptop?

Many laptop users must deal with keys falling off their computer's keyboard. This can be a nuisance, but it's easy to repair. While the methods differ slightly depending on the size of the specific... Read More »