On a lap top do you find the pad easy with practice I have got a mouse?

Answer I find the touchpad easy with practice, and use my laptop a lot. Since replacing a Powerbook with a Vista laptop and a touchpad that scrolls, I have mixed feelings. I really like the scrolling, b... Read More »

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10 easy points for someone who can click their mouse..?

this what you wanted?The Answers, Part One * Dec. 31st, 2007 at 5:58 PMred sneakers***WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE SWEET FAR THING. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ THE BOOK AND STILL WA... Read More »

What's a easy way to get rid of winter mice,or any kind of a mouse?

hmm well i know my mom puts real hair in her garden to keep away the rabbits so maybe stick hair in a mouse drap see it works.

I need help paying for college and everyone tells me how easy it is to find scholarships but I can't find any.?

The best sites for scholarship searches, check with your academic department and financial aid office to see if they are aware o... Read More »

How to Find a Place for Band Practice?

Do you have a band thought up but have nowhere to practice? Read on.