On a digital SLR can you use the LCD screen in staid of the viewfinder?

Answer On most digital SLR cameras, the LCD monitor cannot used as a viewfinder as it can on compact digital cameras. Almost all digital SLR cameras have a mirror that diverts the light from the imager t... Read More »

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On a Nikon D60 how do I turn on the LCD screen to switch back and form from using the viewfinder and the LCD screen to take photos?

You use the viewfinder while taking photos and the lcd screen to view the photos after you take them.

Is it possible to see the Nikon D3100 viewfinder screen on your tv?

Can one use the LCD screen as a viewfinder when taking pictures with the Canon EOS 400D and how?

install the camera, if you have XP or better, it does all the work once you plug it in, installing the canon software is probably a good idea to.

How do you fix the a LCD screen on a Canon SD450 digital camera that is a blank white screen in all modes?

This af mode is when you are focusing on subjects that are changing distance , it will continuously focus IE sporting event , now just use al focus and it will switch from one shot or al servo when... Read More »