On a Mustang GT, what does GT stand for?

Answer The GT in Mustang GT stands for Grand Touring or Gran Turismo. GT is a common automotive suffix attached to a number of automobile models. According to an article, "A GT By Any Other Name," on the ... Read More »

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What does the GT stand for in Mustang GT?

The familiar GT acronym in Mustang GT stands for gran turismo, or grand touring in English. GT automobiles are generally high-performance vehicles sought for their sporty look and capability for re... Read More »

What does Mustang GT stand for?

GT stands for Grand Touring and is a special performance and handling package available on some year models of Ford Mustang. According to Mustang Monthly, Ford introduced the Grand Touring package ... Read More »

What does lx on a ford mustang stand for?

The LX in a Ford Mustang is a type of trim or feature set of the automobile. The LX is thought to stand for luxury edition, but there are other trim levels that are more expensive than the LX optio... Read More »

What does SRS mean on a Mustang car?

You may have seen an "SRS" label on your Ford Mustang, which stands for "Supplemental Restraint System." This refers to the vehicle's air-bag system, which is supplementary to the seat belts. SRS i... Read More »