On a Camcorder what is the Charger slot ( dv in,dc, etc.)?

Answer The charger slot is where you plug in the charger on the camcorder.

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Any ideas where I can get a charger for my camcorder?

Ebay is good. Plus I try the shops on The chargers are ridiculously priced. I googled wholesale rca camcorder charger & got a bunch of different stores with good prices & you're luck... Read More »

Will best buy have a charger and computer connector for this camcorder?

They will probably have it, but it would most likely be cheaper on line:For the charger -…For the cable - it uses a USB cable...bring you camcorder to any... Read More »

How to Connect a Samsung SCA30 Camcorder to a Charger?

Samsung manufactures the SCA30 camcorder, which uses a rechargeable battery for power. The battery should be recharged when the power runs low. The camcorder comes with a power adapter, which plugs... Read More »

Sony CCD-TRV25 Handycam-Vision Video8 8mm Camcorder, what type of battery charger does it need?