On a 40mph road, whats the maximum speed before getting caught in the speed camera in UK.?

Answer its down to each local police authority to set their margin of error, this allows for the fact not all speedometers are accurate. Most will set it at around 44mph...the general rule of thumb is 10%... Read More »

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Can I be caught/flashed once by a speed camera on the other side of the road?

if you were doing 35, its ok, you wont get a ticket even if the flash was for you because there is a 5 mph margin....i was once doing 45 mph in a 40 road, the camera (on the same side of the road) ... Read More »

Iwas caught by a speed camera on the other side of the road on my motorbike it flashed twice am i ticketed?

Cameras still flash when going towards them but you will not get a ticket.

Would you notice if a speed camera has caught you?

You would notice if you got flashed especially by the new style cameras that you drive towards.Some roads also have average speed cameras and they don't flash so best thing is just not to speed! T... Read More »

Im mad about speed and drives at top speed on road....Plz add some Fear about roaddies accidents in ma mind..!?