On a 12MP camera how much memory does each picture take?

Answer It depends. Usually the camera stores the image as a JPEG which has lossy compression. So your image size can vary based on the compression. For example, a picture with mostly blue sky may compress... Read More »

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When you take a picture with a high definition lense 12mp but your camera is small and you view it (more)?

First you need to understand that it is NOT the pixel count alone that causes high resolution. It is the size of the individual pixel that produces high quality images.That means a tiny sensor (no... Read More »

How many pictures can a 1gb memory card hold on a 12mp camera?

How many pictures will a 4GB memory card hold on a 12MP camera?

It's how sensitive the film is to the light. Which is measured in ISO. If you use a film camera. The film box should say what ISO it is. If you have a digital camera, you can adjust it in certain m... Read More »

Does a Canon film camera take as good quality picture as a digital camera?

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