On YouTube they dont have part 5 of episode 10 of vampire diaries what happens at the end of the vampire diaries episode history repeating?

Answer Go to the Sarah Jane Adventures website and click on fun and games then click Video Games.

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What season and episode are they on in The Vampire Diaries?

Season 4 episode 21 will air this Thursday

Why did elena try to kill bonnie in the vampire diaries season 4 episode 19?

Remember, no feelings. She wanted Bonnie dead because it would be simpler to kill Bonnie rather than Silus and Bonnie is a needed part in his plan. No, they aren't friends.

Best Answer to whoever can link me first to the music list for the last Vampire Diaries episode?

[420] The OriginalsRevolution by Dr. John New Orleans montage; Hayley talks to a bartender about not being able to find anything on her family. Take Me Down by Unknown Elijah & Rebekah discuss Klau... Read More »

What happend in the last 10 minutes of The Vampire Diaries episode Friday Night Bites?

Unknown, it was an original piece of music created for the series. The music was never released commercially, and so is not available to purchase or download.