On YouTube and stuff people put XD.. but wat does it mean!!?

Answer XD is supposed to represent a smiley face laughing, teh D is the laughing mouth, and the X is the eyes, it just means its funny

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What does it mean when people add you as a contact on Youtube?

Because he look for you or your thing have been show on youtube.

Why does youtube videos have a pop up message there's people spying on you" mean?

Ignore that, it's an ad trying to get you to buy an antivirus. They make it like that just to get you to click on it. Also be aware that there are fake antiviruses that are actually viruses themsel... Read More »

Where is a good place to get YouTube Layouts and stuff for your youtube channel.?

Theres some really awesome layouts on this site, i know i personally love them. Theres a ton of stuff on there for your youtube channel, enjoy!

Why are youtube people are so mean?

people feel lonely and worthless. media provide a confirmation of inadequacy.comments boxes provide a way of striking back at what is perceived to be a cruel world. people confuse being dismissive ... Read More »