On YouTube and stuff people put XD.. but wat does it mean!!?

Answer XD is supposed to represent a smiley face laughing, teh D is the laughing mouth, and the X is the eyes, it just means its funny

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Where is a good place to get YouTube Layouts and stuff for your youtube channel.?

Theres some really awesome layouts on this site, i know i personally love them. Theres a ton of stuff on there for your youtube channel, enjoy!

What's it called where people give massages to people suffering from pain, like muscle damage and stuff?

It's called Massage Therapy. It can be done in clinical, therapeutic or spa environments.

Interesting stuff on YouTube?

here you go...

Youtube and all that kinda stuff?

cant tell yoy exactly why but i do know tht many popular videos get stuck on 301 views. myb your video is just getting popular. i know someone who can help you tho. go on youtube and look up vsauce... Read More »