On Wattpad, how do you change the font?

Answer i don't think you can change the size of the font.i'm assuming you're talking about the font for the yeah, i don't think you can change it. unless you're reading through the apps for mobil... Read More »

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What font is the Wattpad Logo?

I can't give you a direct answer, but maybe you might like some of these fonts?…Sorry I wasn't much help. :/

A letter is drafted using Google transliterate/Tamil.How to change this Google font to any other Tamil font?

The letter drafted using the Google transliterate will be on unicode only.Google transliteration comes with four options (normal, normal/sherif , arial unicode MS, Latha) for Tamil transliterate .... Read More »

How to Change a DOS Font in XP?

Microsoft Windows XP allows users to customize most of the display settings, including the font of the command prompt and DOS batch programs. Change the command prompt font using a point-and-click ... Read More »

How do you change font?