On Thanksgiving, while I am working, waiting on you and your family................?

Answer I am grateful that people work on Thanksgiving because I don't cook. Thank You or my kids would eat burnt food this holiday.

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What do you do with your worm compost waste while waiting for your worms to eat down their current bin?

Answer Compost in the regular way or increase the capacity of your vermiculture.

How to Avoid Being Impatient While Waiting to See Your Crush?

Impatient and waiting to see your crush?Ever feel like you can't wait to see your crush, not even until the next day? Use these tips to ease your frustration.

If your car has been totaled what are your options while waiting for the other drivers insurance company to handle the situation?

Answer you can go ahead and contact the other drivers insurance company and determine the status of the claim.

What family friendly dishes do you put on your Thanksgiving table?

Some kid favorites:1. Sweet potatoes prepared with marshmallows, butter, and brown sugar. They can even help make these... and they are definitely a favorite for kids in my family. Another option w... Read More »