On Picnik, my picture won't save to my computer...?

Answer Here's an idea that might work:Make sure the whole image is visible on your screen. Then hit the little button on your keyboard that says "PrtSc / Sys Req".Then open MS Paint, select a new documen... Read More »

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How to scan this picture and save it into computer?

You scan it in sections and then stich it back together using software such as Arcsoft Scan -n-Stitch.…

How to Put More Than One Picture Together on Picnik?

Picnik is a website for editing and sharing photos. The site offers a myriad of features. You access basic features free of charge, but premium features require a site membership. Combining two or ... Read More »

If i drew a picture, could i scan it and save it to my computer?

yes, if your printer has a scanner program thing, just put the paper on the scanner and press scan. something should pop up on the computer. it will ask you how and where you want the picture saved... Read More »

Every time I save a picture to my computer, it turns out red. Why?

Check with your nearest Mac User Group!