On what is the difference between "hits" and "visitors"?

Answer Visitors are the number of unique viewers that have read you story while hits are the number of times a link to your story has been clicked on. The same viewer can visit your story several times an... Read More »

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On, what's the difference between "views" and "visitors"?

Views- People who click on your story and do not have/are not logged into a fanfiction account.Visitors- People who click on your story who have/are logged into a fanfiction account.Hope I could he... Read More »

Difference between "hits" and "visits" on a web page stats?

"Hits", in the raw form, counts every download from your site. So a visit to your home page could score hits for the page itself, the background, every graphic, etc. But all those hits just count a... Read More »

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