On Facebook, what are some funny thing I can say to get a lot of likes?

Answer Hay look if you type in your password into a coment it comes up all stars ********* haha thats so cool.It will get them every time Ps: put stars not you real password.Hope you like it .....tom

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When my Facebook friends laugh directly at me when I'm in a Facebook webcam video, is that always funny?

yaya they may laugh at your 1st show it to few of your close friend..if they say its good..thn pnly upload it.

What's the one thing your baby likes playing with that isn't a toy?

A the moment he's into disgusting things, like the toilet, the trash can etc... it was pretty funny, he's never bothered anything in the bathroom, so I always left the door open, one day I was cook... Read More »

Whats the most funny thing your child ever said to you or someone else.?

My 7 year old son wont lie, so when I ask him a question that he dont want to tell me the answer to he says "How badly do you need to know the answer".

How to Get Likes on Facebook?

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