On Facebook, how do I remove an email addresss from my profile?

Answer heres what you do:1. click on "edit" right next to where it says profile2.Click on the "contact" tab3.It will say your old email where it says "email",then under it in blue letters it will say "add... Read More »

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How to remove 'boxes' tab from Facebook Profile?

Click on your boxes tab, then remove all the sub-boxes in there by clicking the x next to them. Then go back to your wall and refresh the page once or twice. The boxes tab will soon disappear.

How to Remove My Facebook Profile Picture From an Internet Search?

Many people nowadays have a Facebook profile, even if it's only for connecting with family and close friends. Some people do not, however, want their Facebook profile picture to show up in public s... Read More »

How to Update a Profile Picture to a Facebook Profile From an iPhone?

Social networking sites like Facebook allow you to update your friends and family about your latest adventures --- even when you're on the go. Mobile Facebook applications, like the one available f... Read More »

How to Send My Facebook Profile Picture to My Email?

Facebook isn't just a great way to network with others online. It is also a way to upload and display pictures of yourself and others. Friends can "tag" you in pictures you appear in and post those... Read More »